Aiming to promote road safety and proper highway management, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will introduce a mobile application integrated with a transport registration network in the coming months, an official said.
“This will take may be a month or two to create but we shall get it going and make it available to the citizens so that they can check on their mobile, may be take a photograph of the vehicle which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and be able to press a button and it will get registered against the name of that vehicle,” NHAI chairman Raghav Chandra said at an event organised by Assocham.
The app will facilitate people to report any vehicle which is over-speeding or violating transport structures. ”All the citizen complaints about the vehicles will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police or transport department can take further action about it,” he added.

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