The passengers travelling in trains can now file their complaints online so that their grievances can be redressed. With rapid strides made in the advancement of technology and advanced mode of communication, Indian Railways has taken the decision to entertain their complaints online.

In addition to this, they can also keep track of their complaints regarding the action taken. Further, passengers can also give their suggestion for enhancing the amenities by the Railways.

It has been generally noticed that passengers have to face problems in the trains and also at the stations. But, complaints are not lodged due to which effective action is not taken. However, with the lodging of the complaints online, passengers can get a sigh of relief as their complaints would be readdressed.
For lodging the complaint, one has to log on the website and fill up the required performa detailing about the problems that was faced during the train journey.

Indian Railways Customer Care

Ministry Of Railways

Rail Bhawan,Raisina Road, DL, India
New Delhi
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 11 2338 1213
Mobile:+91 97 1763 0982
You may download Complaint Management System 
Mobile App Here  headView

The complaints have been segregated into various categories including allotment of seats/berths, bedroll complaints, booking of luggage/parcels, bribery and corruption, catering and vending services, cleanliness at stations, complaints related to sleeper class, improper behaviour of commercial staff, improper behaviour of non commercial staff, improper behaviour of non-railway staff, maintenance/ cleanliness of coaches and malfunctioning of electrical equipments, non availability of water, punctuality of trains, refund of tickets, reservation issues, thefts/pilferages and working of enquiry offices.

Complaint against Rail Ticket Collector 

  1. Complaint/suggestion can be registered at 8121281212 by sending an SMS.
  2. In response, an automated acknowledgement with a unique ID will be sent as an SMS.
  3. With the unique ID, passenger can know the status of the complaint by sending
    SMS:- “STATUS < SPACE > < REFERENCE ID>” to 8121281212
    or by logging on website
  4. Final reply will be sent through an SMS and will also be available on

Yes you can post a letter to them by writing your issue in detail and remaining as brief and to the point as possible. Here is the address you have to shoot the letter to:
Customer Relations

Online Complaint Form

This method offers you a web form to fill up and get your complaint submitted to the Indian Railways right away; click here to fill the form :
The complainant should also give details including the date of the incident, name of the staff if possible against whom the complaint is being made
The passenger should also give the details including the train number in which the incident happened. Further, the passenger should also mention PNR number along with the coach number and berth number in the complaint performa.
The passenger should also mention his name, contact number, address, e-mail. The passenger can also give a detailed description of the problem faced by the passenger during the journey in the train or at the station supported by any document, if necessary.


We are not affiliated with Indian Railway in anyway is in no way affiliated or connected or part of any deal with  Indian Railwayor any of its subsidiaries, businesses, divisions and services. We want to make it crystal clear here that the  Indian Railway complaints number provided & advertised in different parts of this website is just for the sake of helping you out in contacting and registering your complaint to the bank regarding any of their services.


  1. Thanks for the nice blog having information of complaint numbers for irctc and get information of check seat availability train before traveling. It is important for long journey.

  2. In train number 10111 there is no ticket collecter... People have created rush in general compartments where people are with tickets with reservation.... Some action should be taken

  3. In train number 10111 there is no ticket collecter... People have created rush in general compartments where people are with tickets with reservation.... Some action should be taken

  4. On 27/4/2017, train no. 22130 ticket collector checked the ticket in sleeper coach..but he didn't asked for the 2 other people tickets who were travelling with the person who gAve his ticket to get checked..and after seeing around ticket collector was allowing 3 to 4 people on one ticket....which is irritating and created much rush in train.. Some action should be taken towards such problems...